#momwisdom : Maya Tamimi

Ibu Maya was my first boss in the office. I learned not only about leadership from her, but also about parenthood. I love how she always celebrate little progress of her three kids, Aulia ( 18 year-old), Husna ( 13 year-old) , and Mahar (11 year-old), and how she foster their talent. She is my parenthood guru. I love how she describe her momwisdom stories, it full of love and beautiful.

Family_in_Turki (1)

1. Describe motherhood in 3 words.

A Gift, Love , A responsibility

2. How has becoming a mother changed you?

My parents always told me about the importance of being an independent and a responsible person. As the youngest in my family the most thing I prioritized was to be responsible of what I did, chose, and live the most of it. Becoming a mother made my priority change. I should not only responsible for myself but also to responsible for the life of other, that is my children. Being a mother also made me realized that I could be anything I want as according to your children you are their superhero. Hehehe. Aulia made me believed that I’m a very good party organizer, while Husna made me realized that I’m a great cupcake maker. Mahar always assumed that I’m the expert of transforming Optimus Prime from the truck mode into robot mode and vice versa. And off course this also applied for Bumblebee, Ratchet and the autobot gank.

3. What is your parenting philosophy?

Lead by example. A mother is a facilitator for the kids to grow. I also discuss with my children that sometime Bunda does some mistakes, and making mistakes is a fact of life. The importance is to realize and learn from your mistakes as soon as possible and fix it as much as possible.

4. What values do you want your kids to have until they grow up? And, how do you foster those values?

Integrity, responsible, put their best effort on everything, and caring. Because great power come with great responsibility

5. What is the biggest challenge of being a mom? Any tips for new mom?

Try to be a perfect mom. This could be depressing. Set your standard, influence other to follow your rule, but at the end of the day, do not forget to have fun in the process.

6. What is your biggest fear of raising a child?

I am afraid that I did not facilitate their development to the fullest

7. What is your survival mantra?

Motherhood is already there since the beginning of human’s history. Many people is in the same position with me, from Papua to the US. So, relax and allow time to think any solution needed.

8. How do you squeeze your time for me time?

Anytime, when the world surround me is in peace. It could be before subuh time, or Saturday morning.

Foto Kelg anak2 (1)

9. What is the most unforgettable memory so far?
A lot, these to name a few..
o Bed time story moments with story that could be inspired from anything. Fairies and Fables is the most favorite topic. Aulia sometime took the role of telling the stories, and I’m so proud of them.
o Aulia’s first ‘R” word. It was: ‘tuRun”, because we were so worried that she could not spell out the letter ‘R”.
o When Aulia called home, from her dormitory in Magelang and saying: “Bunda benar deh mendidik aku seperti itu. Aku baru ngeh sekarang. Terima kasih ya Bun.”
o Making 60 cupcakes in a night for Husna’s birthday, because Husna said: Bunda bisa!!
o Sesi- sesi membuat kue bersama Husna, because she just loved it.
o Mahar’s first smile. The sweetest ever
o Sewaktu Mahar berdo’a dengan sungguh- sungguh di malam tahun baru 2010, ketika dia berumur 6 tahun, “Terima kasih Allah, atas makanan yang telah disiapkan Bunda ini”

10. Having three kids, being a working and entrepreneur mom, how do you manage your time?

The key is to know your part in every other role of your life, lead the agenda and empower others. I’m blessed to live close to my parents and in law. Many parenthood support by them during my kid’s early age. I also empowered my domestic’s assistants and delegate some of the work to them. Also it is important to align my agenda with the kid’s agenda, especially on Saturday morning.

11. How do you celebrate your kids different character?
Recognize their character and facilitate their development accordingly

12. Any tradition that you implement in the family?
Every member in the family has to respect each other. The older member of the family is expected to lead the younger ones. But, on any different topic, ones could be the leader regardless of his/her age. For example, Aulia is really good at picking restaurant, while Husna pick our holiday destination, and Mahar can also pick the movie that we will watch together. They can take turns for different topic.

13. How do you develop a loving and caring environment in the family? Especially between siblings.
Start the day with positive and happy tone as much as possible. Be consistent with rules in the house. Not always works, but never give up trying..

14. How you teach your children about respecting their parents?
Show them how you respect your parents, because children may copy what you do.

15. Tell me one thing that you want your children to know about you
The presence of my children is the greatest gift from God. I love them so much, and I did my best to ensure that we all will meet again in Jannah. Bunda always want to give the best for them, and the way I raised them is to ensure that they can become a leader for themselves and that they presence in this world is also a gift for the world. Bunda ingin mereka menjadi manusia yang saleh, bertawakal, bermanfaat bagi diri sendiri, keluarga, dan dunia ini.


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